Custom-fit Solutions

A well thought-out conceptual approach often provides the decisive safety reserves for operation and maintenance.

Network Design and IT Infrastrukture

Setting up a powerful, reliable network for the respective application is a complex task: routing, prioritization, convergence, redundancy, protocols, bandwidth management are important factors that concern me.

Networks designed by me use a consistent VLAN segmentation and prioritization in the LAN and VPN WAN and are therefore trimmed for good service availability for data, voice and media content.

Together we will find a tailor-made IT solution for your requirements.

IT Safety

IT security is multidimensional: on the one hand, the reliable platform that guarantees stable operation and, on the other, the efficient implementation of concepts to strengthen data security. This starts with network design, continues with the sensible cascading and screening of data flows up to the effective monitoring of systems with contact to public resources.

Among other things, my customers benefit from my know-how with filigree firewall configuration, filtered Internet access and effective spam protection via standard-compliant, secure email communication.

Consolidation, Virtualization

The consolidation of rapidly and often wildly grown IT structures has been a constant in recent years. Strategic decisions on in-house operations or as part of the company-wide "private cloud" need to be prepared and implemented. The goal is to "streamline" networks through virtualization, meaningful combination of services and the best possible placement of systems. And this is best done transparently and without interruption during the conversion. I have played a responsible role in such consolidations and will be happy to accompany you.

Areas Of Focus

  • Independent assessment of IT installations
  • Support during restructuring as an interface between service providers and users
  • International project coordination
  • Separation of unnecessary dependencies
  • Troubleshooting and vulnerability analysis
  • Cost optimization of communication services
  • Cross-location networking: routing, VPN, firewall, prioritization
  • Analysis and optimization of networked data flows